Selected Prints

Ittai Altshuler

Printmaking is poetry, poetry is Miracle

The size of the print is the paper size

I love printmaking.

I try to practice as many techniques as I can. I do woodcutting, etching, silk screening and monotyping.

I like printmaking for a few reasons:

First, it has a different rhythm than painting on canvas or on paper. Making prints takes time. It is slower, it needs technical planning and a lot of technical knowledge, and most important, a lot of patience, which I lack. Nowadays, slowing down is a must and not just a luxury.

Second, printmaking inspires a different way of thinking than direct painting or drawing. Thinking about shapes, color separation, reconstructing the image, a sensitive attitude to the material you work with, and deep thinking with respect to the platform you print on, such is PAPER. To every student of mine I recommend to start learning to paint with black and white woodcut which clarifies the understanding of shape without lines. Moreover, there is a mutual influence that my direct painting on canvas and paper makes to my printmaking, and vice versa, which enriches both of them.

Third, I like it because it is fun and artists can socialize and be more open and friendly when they are dealing with its technical aspects.

Editions and Monotypes

Usually I print small editions of my prints, sometimes even only one copy. Not because I want to make them more valuable, but because I lose interest in them. Lately, I do larger editions and insert into them elements of monotypes which transform each of them to be unique.

Prints and Poetry

I like the relation between poetry and visual arts, and I love to make prints for poems as you may have seen in my print section of this site. I myself write poetry, of course, in my mother tongue, Hebrew, and I am working on two sets of prints in correspondence to my coming book. The first set is a group of six digital black and white prints which will be published as part of the book (offsetting the printing) and a small limited edition on handmade papers (self-made). The second set is a group of six etchings; combining visual interpretations (other than the digital prints) and poems. This edition will be limited, as well, to around 15 copies. Monotype touch would be part of those etchings.

I am open to projects which combine poetry and visual arts of any sort.

If you are a poet in Hebrew or in English and you would like to try something, please contact me.

If you are a visual artist or a performance artist, read Hebrew, and you would like to try something, please contact me .