Selected works on canvas

Ittai Altshuler

Never forget that only dead fish swim with the current.

Malcolm Muggeridge

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    There is a different rhythm to painting on different platforms, as there is with different techniques. Working on paper leads me in different directions than those found in working with canvas because it structures its sensitivity and its thickness. I am attracted to handmade paper—paper which reflects its vitality. There is no such variety in my paintings' platform, as may be seen in their content. Yet, I try to stick to 2D. Thinking about painting without any relation to objects, or any 3D entities, is based on my belief that there are so many things to do with painting in and of itself. There is much to do developing the visual wisdom in its 2D aspect.


    I work in many different formats from very small ones, like 20\30cm, up to 250\200cm. Every image has its own exact size to suit it. Some of the formats, which I choose as a starting point, are those I believe to be difficult for painting (from a compositional point of view) such as square formats or very long and narrow formats (200\50cm).


    I paint with everything that may serve my message; usually I prefer color. The rule of colors in the Vitality idea was explained before. You may find works without color, or such works where the colors are not an important part of them, and used sparingly. I use pencil, pen (many types), oil, gouache, watercolors, printing inks, oil pigments—you name it. My attitude toward technique is the attitude of the river to its parts: water, stones, earth, animals, plants and the ravine; all together, turning it into a river which flows into the ocean.