• The Family

    This group of works is dealing with the relationships between family members.

    I believe that the basic human unit is two, and not a single human being. A person by himself always misses something. Only in a state of two can he overcome himself and grow out of the self, thus, fulfilling his complete potential. Moreover, humans can realize relations only by the form of Other. They are unable to develop true relations within a crowd (more than two people).

    This group of paintings is part of a bigger series which I want to be an endless series (at least to the end of my life). In these works, I want to follow the changes of the relations; as a matter of fact, to follow the change in my ontological status.

    There are only two elements that this series should stick to: First, the format (square canvas 100\100cm); and second, the basic human relations within the framework of family.